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This site is devoted to Stock Trading Tips., especially those that involve Japanese Candlestick charting methods. It is about Japanese candlestick charts and how they may be used to to identify buy and sell signals for stocks. Other stock trading techniques are also discussed with an explanation of how they related to Japanese Candlestick patterns.

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Here are some useful free stock trading resources:

Tuesday Night Stock Tradining Webinars

These Webinars are live and recorded for later viewing. Here are some of my favorite topics:

Here’s more info on the Fibs Webinar:

  • A simple understanding of Fibonacci
  • theory and application
  • The differences between Fib arcs, fans,
  • retracements and time zones
  • How to apply Fib extensions to use
  • as trade targets
  • The fast, easy way to add Fibs
  • to your charts
  • Find out how to create alerts using Fibs as a
  • visual guide for trendline alerts

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Scanning stocks using Fundamental factors as well as technical indicators.

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Please check out this article on Shorting Stockshttp://japanese-candlesticks.com/shorts/
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Stock Trading Resources Program

You may want to download my free Stock Trading Resources Program.  Many have told me they like this handy program.

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  1. Would it be possible to get a link to the webinar Mr. Bigelow did for RockwellTrading on Candlesticks last week. Tia, Dave

  2. currently re educating myself on Japanese Candlestick stuff….Finding Steve Bigalow a genuine good find to assist in this endeavour. finally discovering pieces of the puzzle to achive improved trading abilitieys… Nice site here!

  3. I have been watching your comments on the Candlestick Forum and appreciate your insights. Yesterday you invited us to look at your Website and program. Thank you.

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